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Making Hats Claimable

The following guide will walk you through the steps required to make a hat claimable:
  • Go to the tree that includes the hat you wish to make claimable
  • Select "Edit Tree"
  • Locate and select the hat
  • Open the "Revocation & Eligibility" section
  • Choose "Automatically" and then choose "Create new Module". This will open the module creation form
If you have not yet made any other hats claimable, you'll be prompted to create and choose the admin hat that will wear the new hatter contract that will enable hat claiming, as seen below.
If a hatter contract instance has been already created, simply register the hat with the existing hatter contract. A single hatter contract can make all hats claimable for which it is an admin, so we recommend selecting an admin hat that has admin authority over as many other hats as possible.
Now choose "Deploy & Return" to deploy the module and return to the hat edit form. The edit form will be automatically updated with the necessary changes, including minting the admin hat to the new hatter contract instance. Then, you'll be able to keep editing the tree and deploy when ready.