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Hatter contracts can serve as the admin or one or more hats to implement specific logic, rules, or changes to hats, such as changing hat details or minting hats to new addresses based on custom logic. For example, logic can be set to make hats claimable based on specific eligibility criteria, as well as to managing DAOhaus Moloch v3 membership and share allocation using Hats.

Existing Modules

See the subpages within this section, which include guides for using the following hatter modules:

pageMulti Claims HatterpageDAOhaus Moloch v3 Membership & Share Allocation

Building Modules

Modules customize, automate, and extend the behavior of Hats Protocol, and can also serve as adapters or integration points with other protocols and applications.

In a sense, modules are the lifeblood of Hats Protocol. The design space is wide open, ready to be filled with all the possible building blocks of human organization and coordination.

There are two primary ways for developers to work with Hats Modules. Whether you're building new modules or using the Modules SDK to interact with or build applications for existing modules, we have a number of developer tools to make your job easier. See the page below to get started.

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