๐ŸงฉHats Modules

A Hats Module is any contract that serves as an Eligibility module, a Toggle module, and/or a Hatter contract. Modules customize, automate, and extend the behavior of Hats Protocol, and can also serve as adapters or integration points with other protocols and applications.

In a sense, modules are the lifeblood of Hats Protocol. The design space is wide open, ready to be filled with all the possible building blocks of human organization and coordination.

Building with Modules

Open-source developers, modules are for you! They are where you can express your creativity and ingenuity to bring new ideas into reality quickly.

There are two primary ways for developers to work with Hats Modules. Whether you're building new modules or using the Modules SDK to interact with or build applications for existing modules, we have a number of developer tools to make your job easier.

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