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DAOhaus Moloch v3 Membership & Share Allocation

Managing DAOhaus Moloch v3 membership and share allocation using Hats


Hats DAOhaus Shamans enable new integrations between Hats and DAOhaus Moloch v3 DAOs:
  1. 1.
    Role Staking: An individual member of the DAO can now stake their DAO shares to wear a certain hat and hold the authorities associated with that hat
  2. 2.
    SubDAO Onboarding: Enables the parent DAO to control who is a member of the subDAO through hat granting and revocation

Using the DAOhaus Moloch v3 Hats Integration

This integration is currently in beta. Contact us at support [at] hatsprotocol [dot] xyz if you want to explore this integration, or check out the Github repos here: