Finding a Hat's Token ID

To find a hat's token ID, locate and select that hat in the Hats app and click the copy icon to the right of the hat's "pretty ID" (found in the green box below).

In decimal format, the hat's token ID will look something like this: 26960769425706497914046077453500346168786499100899720886694455541760.

In hexadecimal format, the same hat's token ID will look something like this: 0x0000000100020001000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

The Hats app converts the hexadecimal version to the "pretty id" format

  • 0x00000001 converts to 1

  • 0x0002 converts to 2

  • 0x0001 converts to 1

  • 0x0001 converts to 1

For more technical details on how the Hats addressable ID system works, see the Hat IDs page within the "For Developers" section of these docs.

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