Seasonal/ Time-Expiry Toggle

Making hats automatically expire after a certain period of time, unless they are explicitly renewed

A Hats Toggle module that allows an organization to configure certain hats to be automatically toggled off after a given interval, i.e. a "season".


Organizational structure should not be permanent. By automatically turning off hats by default, SeasonToggle helps ensure that organizations continuously and explicitly revisit their own structure.

In Hats Protocol, hats can be configured with Toggle modules that programmatically control whether and when the hat is active or inactive. SeasonToggle adds an automatic expiry for a group of hats within a given branch of an organization's hat tree, unless an admin of that branch explicitly extends it to a new season.

Usage of SeasonToggle involves the following phases:

  1. Setup: create a new instance of SeasonToggle for the relevant branch of the hat tree

  2. Extension: renew the branch of hats for a new season

The module's code is open source and is available here.

Using the Seasonal / Time-Expiry Toggle Module

  • Go to the tree that includes the hat you wish to create the module for

  • Select "Edit Tree"

  • Locate and select the hat

  • Open the "Deactivation & Reactivation" section

  • Choose "Automatically" and then choose "Create new Module". This will open the module creation form

  • Choose "Create new Module"

  • Choose "Season Toggle" in the module type

  • Fill in the module-specific parameters

  • Choose "Deploy & Return" to deploy the module and return to the hat edit form

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