Hat Properties

The atomic unit of Hats Protocol is a hat.

Every hat has several properties:

  • id - the integer identifier for the hat, which also serves as the ERC1155-similar token id

  • details - arbitrary metadata about the hat; such as a name, description, and other properties like roles and responsibilities associated with the hat. Should not exceed 7,000 characters.

  • maxSupply - the maximum number of addresses that can wear the Hat at once

  • admin - the hat that can issue the hat to wearers and can its hat's other properties

  • eligibility - the address that controls eligibility criteria and whether a given wearer of the hat is in good standing

  • toggle - the address that controls whether the hat is active

  • mutable - whether the hat's properties can be changed by its admin

  • imageURI - the URI for the image used in the Hat's ERC1155-similar token. Should not exceed 7,000 characters.

Refer to the subsequent sections for more information on each property.

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