How to hat-gate access to Wonderverse orgs and pods

To hat-gate access to Wonderverse Orgs or Pods, complete the following steps:

First, enter the Org Settings of your Wonderverse Org OR enter the Pod Settings for your Wonderverse Pod. The following instructions will be the same for each:

  1. Creating a role

  2. Adding a token gate

  3. Inviting members

1. Creating a role

Select Roles in the lefthand navigation

Enter the name and authorities associated with this role and select Create Role (we recommend you create a role with the same name as the hat you intend to associate it with)

Scroll down and select Add Token Gate

2. Adding a token gate

Create a new token gate associated with this role.

Enter the information relevant to the hat(s) you want to connect this authority to, including:

  • Select the chain your hats are on

  • Select "ERC1155" under "Token Type"

  • Enter the Hats Protocol contract address (found here) under "Token"

  • Enter "1" under "Min. amount to hold"

  • Enter the Hats token ID associated with the hat you'd like to give this authority to

  • Name the token gate (we recommend giving it the same name as the associated hat)

SeeHats Protocol Contract Addresses and Token IDs for details on how to find the Hats Protocol contract address and specific hat token IDs.

Select Create Token Gate

3. Inviting others to collect this Wonderverse role via the token gate

To invite people to join your Wonderverse using the token gate you created, select Members in the lefthand navigation, select Invite, and select the role you created above using the dropdown menu. Copy the link found here: this is the link you will use to invite addresses to join Wonderverse and receive the specified role and associated authorities.

That's it. You have now successfully hat-gated access to your Wonderverse Org or Pod, using the granular Wonderverse permissions set for that specific hat!

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