Creating Hats

The creator of a hat must be its admin. In other words, the admin of a hat must be the msg.sender of the Hats.createHat function call. Though remember, by delegating its authority to a hatter contract, an admin can enable eligible others to create Hats based on whatever logic it desires.

Creating a Top Hat (a hat that serves as its own admin) requires a special function mintTophat, which creates a new hat, sets that hat as its own admin, and then mints its token to a _target. Any address wanting to create a hat that is not already wearing an admin hat of some kind must first create a Top Hat with itself as the wearer.

Batch Creation

In some scenarios, a DAO may want to create many hats at once -- including an entire hat tree -- at once. This is particularly useful when setting up an initial structure for a DAO or working group (e.g., from a hats template) or when forking an existing Hats structure from a template.

Enabling this latter forking/exit scenario is an important protection for hat wearers against potential abuse of power by their DAO.

To create a batch of hats, a DAO can call the Hats.batchCreateHats() function. This function takes arrays as its arguments, from which it constructs multiple hats. As long as each of these hats is part of the same tree of hats โ€” i.e., they either have the same existing Hat or any of the newly created hats as admin(s) โ€” they can all be created together.

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