Farcaster Casting Rights

Delegate casting rights for a shared Farcaster account

Hats Farcaster Delegator enables non-custodial shared Farcaster accounts. Organizations and groups can use it to share a Farcaster account and delegate casting rights to individuals by minting them a hat.

The best place to use Hats Farcaster Delegator today is in Herocast, the open-source Farcaster client for power users and teams, with whom weโ€™ve worked closely. Use Herocast to create a shared Farcaster account or delegate casting rights for an existing Farcaster account in minutes: https://app.herocast.xyz/hats

Example: The Charmverse Farcaster account is now controlled by 3 different addresses wearing the Charmverse Caster hat. This hat can be minted to new addresses, immediately giving them the ability to post to the Charmverse Farcaster account. Later, if the Charmverse Farcaster Caster hat were to be revoked from one of the casters, that individual would immediately lose their ability to cast on behalf of Charmverse.

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