Toggle Modules

Toggle contracts have authority to switch the status of a hat, such as from active to inactive. When a hat is inactive, it does not have any wearers (i.e., the balance of its previous wearers' is changed to 0).

Any address can serve as a hat's toggle. As with eligibility modules, Hats Protocol supports two categories of toggle modules:

  1. Mechanistic toggles are logic contracts that implement the IHatsToggle interface, which enables the hats contract to pull a hat's active status by calling checkToggle from within the Hats.balanceOf function. Mechanistic toggle enable instantaneous deactivation (or reactivation) based on pre-defined logic, such as timestamps ("this hat expires at the end of the year").

  2. Humanistic toggles are either EOAs or governance contracts. To deactivate (or reactivate) a hat, humanistic toggles must push updates to the Hats contract by calling Hats.toggleHatStatus.

Unlike admins โ€” and like eligibility modules, toggle modules are explicitly set as addresses, not Hats.

Toggle modules offer a large design space for developers to extend and customize organizational infrastructure. See Building Hats Modules for more information.

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