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Glossary & FAQ

Created by the Hats community
NOTE: This is an unofficial Hats glossary & FAQ created by the Hats community.


You can use this form to submit Hats-related terms and questions that you'd like more clarity on. This can be anything from the general to the specific, the technical to the non-technical, the bland to the spicy 🌶️ . No submissions are off limits.
All questions are optional. Responses are anonymous by default. Submissions are captured on this sheet. Once captured, Hats community members collaborate to define terms and answer questions. Once consensus is reached, the information is added to the Hats Protocol Docs Glossary and FAQ sections.



This FAQ will be continuously updated as questions are received through this submission form.
What is the difference between Hats vs Hats Protocol vs Hats App?
  • Hats: the meme 🧢
  • Hats Protocol: the open-source roles protocol upon which many different apps and integrations will be developed
  • Hats App: a front-end app developed to make it easy for anyone to use the protocol
How are Hats different from membership NFTs?
Hats are like membership NFTs in that they are nontransferable, revocable, and grant access to a group of some kind. But they are also highly programmable, automatable, boosted by a wide range of eligibility modules and integrations that are being created, and nested with deterministic IDs to enable flexible governance structures for almost any need you can imagine.
Can I "claim" my hat or does it have to be granted by someone else?
Both are possible! Hats can be granted (aka "minted") to new wearers by wearers of any existing admin hat, OR hats can be claimed by eligible wearers provided the hat has been made claimable.
Can I renounce a hat if I no longer want to be part of the DAO?
Yes! Any hat can be renounced by any wearer at any time. To renounce a hat you are wearing: select the hat in the Hats app, find your address under "Hat Wearers", select the three dots next to your address, and select "Renounce".
What will happen with my Hats if I change my wallet address for whatever reason?
Your hats will stay with the wallet address they were originally minted to. However, you can request to transfer your hats to a new address, as any admin can transfer a hat from one address to another using the "Transfer" function seen in the image above.
How are responsibilities different than authorities?
  • Responsibilities are the things a given hat wearer is expected to do as part of their role (e.g., a responsibility of the product workstream facilitator is to set the agenda for each product workstream meeting)
  • Authorities are the permissions granted to the hat wearer (e.g., read/write access to specific communication channels or workspaces).