Transfering Hats

Only a hat's admin can transfer its token(s) to new wearer(s).

Unlike typical tokens, the wearer of a hat cannot transfer the hat to another wallet. This is because the authorities and responsibilities associated with a hat are delegated to, not owned by, the wearer.

As a result, there is no need for safe transfers (transfers which check whether the recipient supports ERC1155) or to pass data to recipient on1155Received or onERC1155BatchReceived hooks.

For these reasons, in Hats Protocol, the standard ERC1155 transfer functions โ€” safeTransferFrom and safeBatchTransferFrom are disabled and will always revert. Similarly, token approvals are not required and setApprovalForAll will always revert. See more about Hats Protocol and ERC1155 Compatibility here:

pageERC1155 Compatibility

As a replacement, hats can be transferred by admins via Hats.transferHat, which emits the ERC1155 standard event TransferSingle. Transfer recipients must not already be wearing the hat, and must be eligible to wear the hat.

With the exception of Top Hats โ€” which can always transfer themselves โ€” only mutable and active hats can be transferred.

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