How to hat-gate access to a Coordinape circle

To hat-gate access for a Coordinape circle, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Guild role associated with Coordinape circle access (or use an existing Guild role; note that only one Guild role can be used to provide access to the Coordinape circle)

  2. Create a Coordinape circle (or use an existing coordinape circle)

  3. Select the Admin settings of that Coordinape circle

  4. Under Integrations, enter the URL of your guild and select the appropriate Guild role*

  5. Select Save Settings

  6. Under Members select Add Members, and then select Copy the link provided: this is the invite link you should use to provide hat-gated access into your Coordinape circle.

For additional details, see the Coordinape guide for token-gating access with Guild.

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