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How to hat-gate Telegram channel access with
Giving Hats Access to Telegram via

1. Connect your Telegram channel to Guild

If you're new to Guild, follow steps 1-7 found here.
If you already have a Guild set up, find your Guild, select "Add reward", and choose "Telegram". Then follow steps 4-7 found here.

2.Create a new role in Guild:

If you already have a Guild role associated with this hat, you can skip this step.
Navigate to your Guild and select "Add Role". We recommend creating a Guild role with the same name and image as the hat you want to associated it with.

3. Add a requirement that an address must hold a specific hat token ID in order to claim that Guild role:

If you have already associated that Guild role with the hat's token ID, you can skip this step.
Otherwise, within that Guild role, select "Add Requirement"
Then select "NFT"
Next, input the chain your hats are on, add the Hats Protocol contract address, select "Custom ID" under Requirement type, and enter the custom token ID associated with the hat. See Hats Protocol Contract Addresses and Token IDs for details on how to find the Hats Protocol contract address and specific hat token IDs.
Finally, select "Add requirement".
This Guild role is now gated by the hat!

4. Give that Guild role access to the Telegram channel you want to be associated with the hat:

Within the Guild role, select "Add Reward", select "Add reward" within the Telegram box, and connect the Guild role to the Telegram channel by adding the Guild bot to your Telegram channel and following the instructions to enter the Telegram group ID provided by the bot.
Save the Guild role. The hat now provides access to the designated Telegram channel via Guild!
NOTE: Each Guild role can only grant access to one Telegram Channel. If you want to give a hat access to multiple Telegram channels, you will have to create multiple Guild roles associated with that hat.
That's it, you're done! All hat wearers have to do to claim the authorities associated with their hat is to visit your Guild page and claim the applicable Guild role(s).