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Hats Protocol Overview

Put on your hardhats and lets get into the nitty gritty of Hats Protocol!

What are Hats?

Hats are roles. In Hats Protocol, roles are rich, substantive, objectives with multiple dimensions:
  • Responsibility
  • Authorities/Rights/Powers
  • Accountability
  • Clarity & context
  • Compensation & incentives
These roles, modeled as hats, are embodied onchain in Hats.sol storage, and represented as non-transferable ERC1155-similar tokens.
Every hat is connected to at least one other hat in a structure that we call a Hats tree.
The bulk of the protocol logic is devoted to defining how hats are created, issued, revoked, and managed. It also creates several integration points and hooks for developers to extend and customize the behavior of particular hats.

Hats Protocol Functionality

See each of the following subpages for more details: